Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tim Mcgraw

Some friends of ours called us up about a week ago and said they had free tickets to see Tim Mcgraw and wanted to know if we would like to go along. Only consolation they were in Tampa 3 hrs North of us. But we decided it would be fun to do something different so we said yes. We had really good box seats thanks to the people they got them from who have a business that has porta pots there. Nice ones too I might add. We had VIP entrance and was able to use the nice potties as part of our VIP status. The seats were in a great spot. We thoroughly enjoyed our night out on the town.

The Band Perry opened for Tim Mcgraw

Another shot of The Band Perry

Luke Bryan Also opened for Tim Mcgraw

Luke Bryan again

Tim Mcgraw started out in the audience. About 5-6 rows behind us

Tim Mcgraw in the audience

Tim Mcgraw in the audience

Tim Mcgraw onstage. We had pretty good box seats

Tim Mcgraw onstage

Tim Mcgraw performing with The Band Perry

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Jessica!!

Hard to believe Jessica is 15 yrs old today. WE are so proud of you Jessica. You are really becoming a a lady. So proud of you for winning 1st place today at your 5k race. You are a good athlete and doing such an awesome job improving your time every week. We love you!! Congratulations!!

CCA 5k run

Every year the school the kids go to, sponsors a 5k run. They like all the athletes to participate if possible and then any outsiders in the community can run. So this year I have 3 athletes. Jessica has been running cross country this year. Her times improve every meet. She's doing quite well. She started out running JV girls and is now running in the Varsity girls races. Zachary is going to play basketball this year and Andrea is going to be a cheerleader. So we ventured to the race early this morning. It started at 7:30 am. Much cooler this way. And it was a nice day!! Below are some pictures . I have many more, but won't bore you with all the details. My kids are doing a great job in school this year. Jessica even won 1st place for her age division. Go Jess!!

My cross country runner Jessica

My cheerleader Andrea

My basketball player Zach

My 3 athletes Andrea, Zach & Jess

My star cross country runner Jess

Jessicas's finishing time 27:11, her best time this season

Spike the Lizzard goes to school

We recently acquired a lizzard. His name is Spike. Meagan really loves this lizzard. She wanted Spike to go to school so bad. So Rod told her if Spike can get a note from the teacher to go , then he can go. We never dreamed in a million years that she would actually ask. She came home and said Spike had a note, but it was at school. We asked her teacher a few days later about the whole deal and she said that actually they were going to be learning about reptiles in the next week, so Spike could come to school one day the following week. Of course every morning we were asked "is this the day Spike can go to school.?" So we finally came to the day and Spike went for his debut.. Meagan was so happy to take him in.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Happenings

May has been a busy month. The end of a school year brings many things to do. There have been competitions, programs, awards programs and Graduation.
Andrea and Zachary both love to draw. And andrea was asked by her art teacher to make a drawing for competition to represent there school. Andrea is my perfectionist so she draws, erases, draws, erases, crumbles up the paper, starts over, you know where this is going. So she got a little frustrated in the process. So she drew her rendition of the Jupiter lighthouse. She colored it with crayons and was pleased with her picture. Until... she took it in to show her art teacher and the teacher informed her she couldn't color it.. it had to just be in pencil with shading. She hadn't really done much shading.. so she came home all frustrated. Luckily Brittany had been taking art classes this year in high school and they had gotten into shading. So Britt helped her out and showed her what to do. She was well on her way.. almost finished with the picture. Well she left it lay on the table and walked away and Meagan decided to help her out and draw on it. So now she was really frustrated. She had to start over with only a couple days before competition left to finish. She worked hard, and we had a finished product. She new she could do better.. but we sent the picture to competition anyhow.WE were shocked when she came home with a first place ribbon!!
Zachary had to get in on drawing..although he did not take a picture to competition he drew one to display in the art room after on of their recent programs where he played his trumpet. He is my musician in the house.

Finally.. after many long nights in about a 3 week period, finishing up senior scrapbooks, term papers and all that homework we made it to Graduation.
So on May 14th Brittany graduated from High School. Another chapter closed in the book and a new chapter waiting to begin.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brittany turns 18! Hard to Believe

On March 2nd 18 years ago Brittany entered this world into our lives. Time has flown by so fast. It's hard to believe she is a senior and going to graduate in a few short months. She's grown into such a beautiful young lady. Brittany I hope you have many more happy birthdays and a bright future ahead.

Brittany got 18 roses from Rod & I for her 18th BD

She finally accomplished her online Science course, so she received her Senior Key neclace

She always liked Barney when she was little .. so Rod wanted to tease her with a Barney movie

Her dog Izzie gave her a card with her paw print on it

Her younger sister Jess got her a necklace and earings

She was very windy at blowing out her candles. Thought we may have to call 911 for all the smoke

Britt made her own favorite chocolate cake. That's what she wanted

Britt's birthday choice... pork chops marsala, fettucine alfredo with Broccoli and Tomatoes and garlic Bread. Along with her surprise visitor Lex who flew in that afternoon.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brown family Christmas

Sunday we had our family Christmas at home with our kids. I know it's a little early, and trust me I really was not ready... But we are preparing to leave for Ohio this Thursday. So this was about the only time we could do it without rushing to have it the night before we leave and then they don't get to enjoy anything. Needless to say.. My house is a shambles, my RV still needs packed and my house needs to be in working order before I can walk out that door come Thursday afternoon. I need some major energy to get it all done. Below are some highlights of our rushed Christmas . Enjoy!