Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Daily Routine

Our mornings start off about 6:30 AM. Rod & I try and wake ourselves up(usually we are awake) But lets say we try to get the energy to get out of bed and start the daily routine all over again. We wake the kids up to get ready for school and chaos begins. Four kids all wanting the bathroom at the same time sometimes becomes a challenge. But for the most part they do pretty good. Brittany tries to be the first one in since she has to be to school the earliest (7:40AM). But as of this week Jessica now has to be to school at 7:25 AM for safety patrol training for next year. She is so excited that she was chosen to be a safety patrol for next school year. She wants to get up at 6:00 AM. I think thats a bit too early! Anyhow, so now we change courses and get Jessica out the door to school first. I frantically finish packing lunches. I usually prepack as much as possible the night before so I only have to put the sandwich together and a freezie pack in. Very helpful when packing 4 lunches.So after Jessica is out, Rod returns for Britt and she's out the door. I finish doing hair and he returns for Zach and Andrea to be the last out the door to arrive at school by 7:50AM. Then we think it's time for a breather.
Not So! Meagan has usually risen about 7ish and so we begin the breakfast routine for Rod, I and Meagan. Coffee is usually on while the kids are getting ready.Once
they are out the door I start breakfast for us. Usually eggs and meat for us. And Yogurt or banana and cereal for Meg. We get to sit down sometime after 8AM to eat and relax a few minutes. By about 8:25 chaos starts again as Rod gets Meg's together for her new latest adventure leaving home to go to a babysitter. We got spoiled with a wonderful babysitter who came to our house and babysat and did a wonderful job. Jessica Rauschenberger was the best. But she decided to move back home to finish school. We'll miss her alot and so will Meagan.She loved Jessica alot! While Rod gets Meagan dressed I get myself together so we can be out the door by a goal of 8:45.Not always is that goal achievable. But usually comes close. Meagan gets dropped at the sitter and we are off on our adventure to work at the office from 9-5 and usually ends up being 6:00 before leaving the office or making it home. Then the fun begins again, getting dinner together, actually sitting and eating as a family, cleaning up the table and kitchen and squeezing in time to help the kids with homework. Let's say by this time my brain is not ready to explain multiplication to a struggling child , or explaining simple English that this mother can't seem to think of a simple way to explain it. Once we make it through homework the baths begin, the fight to get them all in bed and I try to throw a load of laundry in to wash and hope I can stay awake to dry it and fold it. Soon it's 11:00 pm and time to go to bed and start it all over again tomorrow. Whew! Makes me tired thinking about it!

This is Meagan who thinks she has to have her morning coffee with mom & dad also

Here we are getting Meagan's lunch together to go to the sitter. Lunch # 5 to pack for a few weeks.

Here we are getting ready to leave for the sitter with her little backpack and lunch box. Isn't she Cute? Hard to believe we will be sending her to kindergarten in a few years!

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